Future PC IT Support Services

Our enterprise class IT support and monitoring capabilities allow us to dramatically reduce the time it takes to diagnose and resolve computer and network problems. This can translate into increased employee productivity and cost savings. In some cases problems can be avoided before they even happen.

Future PC Managed Services have been developed to proactively diagnose the systems health of your entire IT infrastructure, so problems can be found before they cause down time.

You can log jobs in a self-service module where you can monitor your IT projects and view progress on cases raised with our technicians and the helpdesk.

You choose from break fix, diagnosing, resolution to a fully managed IT support contract with a Service Level Agreement. Simply work with us to find out which services make the most sense for you and we will tailor a solution to your needs.

it support plans

Break Fix

In the event of a hardware or software problem and on an as-needed basis, Future PC solves your IT problems. We recommend upgrades, improvements and patch installations. We highly recommend adding on our entry level diagnostics package for your servers or important computers – detecting system alerts before they cause problems.


Comprehensive disagnostics, self-healing options, self-service ticketing system, priority over break fix customers, easier access to remote support and discounts for maintenance services. Break fix charges are additional.


Diagnostics + 30min resolution time per device, higher priority service, more automated fixes and patch management.


Our Management service plan offers the fastest response SLA as well as a fixed cost support option. You get Helpdesk/Remote and On-Site support as well as your IT infrastructure managed by us. We monitor your systems 24/7 and resolve any issues ideally before they affect your business – all for a fixed price.