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24/7 On-Site IT Support and Tech Support – Auckland Wide

24×7 on-site computer services, computer repairs, and IT support services are available across Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Tauranga.

We service, setup and repair all brands of computers, laptops and servers. Please call us on 0800 944 844 with any enquiries.

If you worry about your computer not operating, are frustrated about a task, or simply don’t know how to do something, you have come to the right place. Consider the responsiveness of our 24 hr on-site computer services.

the convenience of an emergency callout service of 2hrs or less from the point of contact and the reliability of our problem-solution guarantee*. you can even let us fix your computer over the internet from our office, without prior setup or installation at your premises. The engineers available to you are Microsoft Certified Professionals or have 8 years or more of experience in solving computer problems.

More than 5 PCs? See our business page

Same-Day Computer Repairs Sales And Services At Your Home or Business

Our engineers can repair any computer problem. Contact us to arrange an onsite visit at your place at a time which best suits you – at your home, business or in our workshop. Simply call us on 0800 944 844 to find out more. If you are in need of urgent help, you can take advantage of our two-hour emergency response service.

Take advantage of our free network health check offer. For more information, see free network health check.

What We Do

Almost anything computer and technology related. If you’re not sure, give us a call. We have experts in a broad range of areas and operate as a one-stop solution provider. Solutions include computer & technology repairs, setup, sales, service and support. All brands of laptops, computers, Windows or Apple Mac operating systems… We won’t just fix your computer or network, we will ensure that everything meets your needs now and into the future. We perform many checks on your system and have state of the art testing procedures to detect issues with security, operating systems, hardware and software. We’ll also point out the parts of your system/network that need attention and then, if authorised, implement the solution.

Competitive Rates 24/7

Future PC can help your employees easily find and share information, giving them time to focus on business rather than on technology issues. We can help you host your own company web site, connect with your customers more professionally, streamline customer communications and get more done with fewer resources.

We Guarantee To Solve All Your Computer Problems – Fast.*

We guarantee to solve all of your computer problems – fast. Not only that, we will do everything we can to ensure you are protected from similar things occurring in the future. We quickly solve your problems and implement the solutions.

We can set you up with free software to help keep your computer free from viruses, spyware and hackers. Our technicians are experienced in diagnosis and preventative maintenance, and will ensure that you are educated about the new technology solutions implemented.

“From recent survey results, 98% of our clients are very satisfied with our services and would recommend us to others.”

Recurring Computer Problems?

After continuous use, any computer that is not constantly maintained starts to slow down and act up. This can be caused by such things as mismatched data, spyware, viruses, stray settings etc… Fortunately, the hardware you paid for is not often damaged and does not normally degenerate as fast. Your computer can be restored almost to its original state.

This is achieved by a format & re-install. This involves clearing out and reinstalling all of your core software. Like your usual spring clean, it is recommended that this is done every 12 – 18 months.

Why format & re-install?

  • Save on the cost of computer repairs
  • Your computer will run like new
  • All of your data will be safely backed up and restored. (We can even create a backup set for you if requested)
  • Your hardware will be thoroughly tested
  • Your computer will get all of the latest security patches
  • You get free antivirus, spyware removal and security tools. The software available differs between home and business users
  • Dust will be cleaned from your computer to prevent overheating
  • Our certified IT engineers will pickup and re-deliver all of your hardware, set up the computer and ensure everything is working
  • You are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee

Remote Support – Your Computer Problems Solved Via The Internet

If you choose Future PC, we can provide you with a free utility to help save money on computer services and repairs.

With the use of our RescueNet remote support technology, we can service and repair your computer over the internet. No on-site visit is required.

The majority of computer problems are caused by faults in software or its configuration. These problems can be solved quickly and easily via RescueNet. Call us on 0800 944 844 to confirm the problem can be solved online and we could be helping you within 3 minutes. “How do I” questions are also suitable for this service.

Just download our RescueNet remote support software, follow the prompts and we can securely and remotely solve your problems, even if you have a firewall. you are absolutely guaranteed security and we only have access to your computer while you keep the software running.

This software does not modify any security settings, so your computer and network will stay untouched. And most importantly, we can only connect to your PC if you initiate the remote session.

5 More Reasons Why You Should Choose Future PC

Future PC Guarantees You Will Not Pay Twice For The Same Work.

If on the off chance, your problem is not fixed or re-occurs, and we return to your site to repeat work already performed, there will be no additional charge. You have to have followed the instructions and recommendations of our system engineers and the problem has to be exactly the same issue.

Future PC will diagnose your problem; recommend a solution and give you an estimated cost. We guarantee our recommendation will solve your problem.

However, Future PC cannot be obligated to provide a viable solution if: the client does not provide copies of licensed software, or the required access to the client’s hardware and peripherals; or the manufacturer no longer stocks required replacement hardware or software; or you don’t give Future PC personnel appropriate time to diagnose the problem and identify a viable solution.

If the client desires an alternative solution to that offered by Future PC, then Future PC cannot guarantee to provide such alternative solution within the terms of this guarantee.

You will never be charged more than four hours for the work performed on a single standalone computer. The four-hour maximum charge limit applies only to repairs to a single PC not connected to a domain and with less than 3 profiles. The four hours maximum charge does not apply to work on servers, networks, installations or work previously quoted for. The maximum charge applies only to labour for a single case and does not include the provision of hardware or software.

Future PC guarantees emergency on-site response time will be within 2 hours plus travel time when requested. If we miss the 2 hour on-site response time, you only have to pay the regular response rate.

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with our work once it is completed, we offer various options:

  1. Resolve the issue free of charge
  2. Find a solution you are happy with